Trailer HD - (Bronze)



Short Film - (Silver)



 The Feature Film - (Gold)



The Documentary - (Platinum)



Additional Services

The Trailer HD Package is the perfect package for the couple who wants a quick and entertaining way to relive their big day. The Trailer package consist of approx. 3-5 minute trailer showing the best moments of the day. We also film the ceremony in full and put that on your dvd as well.

  • Up to 8 hours coverage on your wedding day
  • Camera operator with 2 HD cameras
  • Proffessional audio capture for clear and crisp audio for the video
  • 3-5 minute cinematic trailer
  • Full  Ceremony on Dvd
  • 2 DVD with Custom Made Cases


Our second most popular package behind the feature would most definetly be this one..  We take the best moments  from throughout the day and build a short , entertaining, and emotional of your day. The Short Film includes the  5 minutes "Short Film" (AKA Trailer) you can share online as well as your full ceremony and full toasts edited  together between our cameras.

  •  Up to 8 hours coverage
  • 5 - 7 minute Cinematic Short Film
  • Full Ceremony and Toasts
  • Professional Audio Capture of Ceremony
  • 3 DVDs with Custom Made Cases


By far our most popular package.  The Feature film includes the cinematic  trailer you can share online as well as highlights of your entire day in a form of an up to 75 minute long Feature film.  Your ceremony, toasts, and special dances will also be shown in separate chapters of the DVD

  • Up to 10 hours fo coverage
  • 5-7 minute Cinematic Trailer
  • Up to 75 minutes Feature Film
  •              (includes full ceremony, toasts, special dances,  as well as chapters of preparation, cocktail hour, and "Celebration")
  • Proffessional Audio Capture of Ceremony
  • 4 dvds with Custom Made Casse



This Package is for the couple who have an all day wedding extravaganza. Maybe the guys are going golfing, in the morning and maybe the ladies are hitting the spa.  Our crew will split off during the morning and then we will come back together to get ready for the main event. Think how special it will be in 20 years to go back and be able to see every moment of your wedding day from literally beginning to end.

  • All day coverage
  • 6-9 minute Short Film
  • Up to 120  minute Feature Film
  • Professional Audio Capture of the Ceremony
  • 4 DVDs with custom Made Cases


  • Additional hours with videographer    -  $250/hour

  • Rehearsal Dinner (up to 3 hours)         - $850.00

  •            (extra chapters for toasts at rehearsal dinner)

  • Engagement/Save the Date Video        - $400.00

  •            (5 minute video of scenic spots around the lower mainland with a setup of a portrait style shot and having you tell the "story of us )

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette/Wedding Showers (Up to 5 hours)                         - $1500.00

***Please note all packages and add on services are priced for the lower mainland British Columbia and do not include applicable taxes,   Additional fees will be negotiated for outside this area or destination weddings***